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My Family's Legal Professional for life

Over the past few years Mina has assisted me and my family with our legal matters. I have referred her to other friends and family as well. If she hasn't been in the position to help (which is rare) she has access to other legal professionals to refer to. She is very knowledgeable and is very caring to her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone that has a legal matter that needs attention.

– Rich Richardson

Excellent Attorney- very positive experience!

Working with Mina and her paralegal Rebecca has been a very pleasant experience. They are thorough, smart and definitely work hard for their clients. We switched to Mina after starting with a different attorney and are so beyond thankful that we did. She is the best of the best.

Legal Suit

I found myself in the midst of a lawsuit that was not a position I should have been defending in 2010. Mina Khorrami what the first place I turned to assist me in defending this and overturning it. She help my hand, worked to gather all the necessary legal information I needed and and successfully defended the suit with success. She worked diligently on my case and made certain I was represented and protected from any long term repercussions. I found her to be thorough and prioritized my long term concerns in defending me. I felt I was in the best of hands to the end when I had a satisfying resolution.

– Sierra

Knowledgeable, trustworthy and sincere

My husband and I had filed for Bankruptcy after trying for years of trying to make things right on our own. Our first meeting with Ms. Khorrami was very informative, not embarrassing (from our aspect and the financial mess we were in) and we walked away feeling that we were finally on the way to having our lives back again. Mina and her staff were always on top of our case and proved to be a very valuable asset when our case went from a fairly standard one to one that had many twists and turns. During the tenure of our case, my husband and father both passed, making the terms of my case much more stressful and difficult. Mina's compassion and legal expertise helped me get through this rough time and she worked with the Trustee to make sure our case was handled correctly with these new changes. Mina's extensive knowledge of bankruptcy law and how it can affect her client is the key reason we came to her practice in the first place. I have always had complete confidence in the professional manner in which she represented our case and in the way she treated us/me as a client. I would sincerely recommend her to anyone that was in need of her services. Not only is she well versed in the law, she is also a very compassionate person that will not make you feel badly about the situation you are in.

Bankruptcy and legal matters

This is the best lawyer in the state of Ohio. And I Hate lawyers. But not Mina. She does not sugar coat a thing. She will do what she and you agree too. Your legal matters will never be in better hands. Mina and her staff are the best in the State Of Ohio. Lawyers could also learn lessons from her. Right and wrong are always first with Mina. STOP LOOKING YOU HAVE FOUND THE BEST OF THE BEST.

– Ernie

Power of Attorney

Whether it is a power of attorney, review of a lease, employee contract or Bankcruptcy law, Mina Khorrami is there for you. She is the most reliable, responsive diligent and thorough attorney I have met who will provide the best representation for your legal needs. I had to get a power of attorney that was specific for guardianship of extended family and immediately was able to rely upon what I needed, prepared, customized and delivered for them to complete in less than 24 hours. I know that should I have any other business needs I will receive the same level of professionalism, knowledge and integrity that I did today.

– Shireen

Great support during a very stressful time

In 2006, in the downturn economy, I was transferred to another state to keep my job. We couldn't sell our home for what we owed and were forced to file a Chapter 13. Mina was recommended through a friend. She was friendly, tried to make it as least stressful as possible – especially since we were dealing with this from across the country; she was knowledgeable and kept us informed. Due to the time difference, she accepted electronic forms of communication and responded quickly. She answered all of our questions. She worked with us to accommodate the financial burden of having to personally appear in the state we filed and handled it via federal court in the state we resided. She nor her staff dropped the ball during the entire tenure of the Chapter 13 and were with us through the complete discharge. I would recommend Mina for legal services.

– Angela

Kind and helpful

Mina was brutally honest when she needed to be so that she could best be of service to me. I appreciate the fact that she was extremely diligent in her duties and very prompt with information. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for representation.

– De

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