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Qualification for filing bankruptcy in Ohio

There is nothing different about bankruptcy cases in Ohio than any other state in the nation. Each case must be analyzed based on the client’s income, expenses, assets and debts. People who consider filing bankruptcy have not been able to make payments on many of their bills for months before they file for bankruptcy. Most people want to avoid bankruptcy and struggle with the decision to file bankruptcy. The deciding factor happens when garnishment proceeding is pending and the client is unable to meet the daily living obligations.

The hardest part about bankruptcy is gathering the required financial documents and filling out the bankruptcy schedules and statements correctly. It is important to ensure that you list all of your assets, claim the proper exemption on your assets, list your creditors by type, accurately detailing your income and expenses, and figuring out the means test are only some of the complex issues that debtor face in their bankruptcy but your bankruptcy attorney will play a critical role in making sure the bankruptcy schedules and statements are accurately prepared and filed. Remember that bankruptcy law is complex and filled with many deadlines and loopholes which must be strictly followed.

Debtors do not need to justify their bankruptcy filings. As long as you are honest, and accurately complete the bankruptcy schedule and statement, making full disclosures of all assets, liabilities, and transfers, if any, and you cooperate with the trustee, then you will be entitled to obtain the discharge which is a huge relief for many financially strapped clients.

Creditors and other parties in interest have 60 days after you first meet with the trustee at a hearing called the 341 meeting of creditors, to object to your bankruptcy discharge. If there are no objections, you will receive a discharge of all of your debts, except for the debts that are non- dischargeable. See article on non-dischargeable debts.

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